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Regional Action Plan – Bulgaria and the Balkan-Med

The Regional Action Plan reflects the results of an in-depth review and analysis of the current state of the hospitality sector from the Balkan- Mediterranean and in more particular with a focus on Bulgaria.

Besides providing a reliable information regarding the current situation of business operation, the document intends to suggest appropriate opportunities for actualization of the current policies and decision-making processes so the SMEs and entrepreneurs from the hospitality sector are more encouraged to utilize their potential for introduction of innovations and transition towards sustainable development.

The held analysis and assessment of the needs of actualization of both national and regional policies in regard to fostering the hospitality SMEs competitiveness were held on the territory of each partnering country: Albania/ Bulgaria/ Greece/ FYROM

The national results and the possible alternatives for policy changes need to be further critically reviewed in order to be:

  • proposed reliable basis for implementing a joint approach that encourages the competitiveness of the hospitality SMEs in the region in focus;
  • outlined policy options that will affect positively the whole Balkan-Mediterranean region and thus, will establish a basis for the common solutions of common problems;
  • fostered the sector`s competitiveness as a whole on a regional rather than national level.

Country and Regional Action Plans are available both in English and national language of the respective partner countries and can be found in the Resources section of this website and/or upon request through the Contact form.

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