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The project will create value by improving the content and the methodology of higher and continuous vocational training in hospitality by opening them up to key emerging subjects of increasing relevance

The HELIX project considers:

  The potential of the Balkan-Mediterranean hospitality sector to boost up the regional and national economic growth and to create new employment opportunities in the area;

  The regional challenges that affect the sector`s current and future performance;

  The goals set for the global future development;

  The needs of immediate changes in the direction of hospitality sector`s development in view of increasing its sustainability in all 3 dimensions: environmental, economic and social.

Although the scientific and applied research propose wide spectrum of innovative solutions in support of sustainable development, it is identified that the main economic agents in the Balkan-Med hospitality sector – the SMEs- still lag behind in utilizing innovative technologies, processes and solutions which can support their efforts in ensuring better business performance with balanced use of natural and social resources. Many of the underlying reasons pertain to skills and innovation capacity.

Therefore, by combining the efforts of 4 higher educational institutions with outstanding teaching performance in education in the field of Tourism and/or established scientific expertise with emphasis in all areas of sustainable development and 2 business support organizations, HELIX aims to increase the competencies for sustainable business and innovation (especially among SMEs and entrepreneurs) in the Balkan-Med hospitality sector, in particular by developing effective learning and practice communities, learning tools and joint educational offers aimed at strengthening sector-specific skills.

The achievement of the project`s overall and specific objectives is ensured through integrated set of parallel and joint activities. They are organized in 6 Work packages:

WP 1
Project Management and coordination
WP 4

Integrated Entrepreneurial Learning Scheme for sustainable hospitality SMEs

WP 2

Project Communication and Dissemination

WP 5

Balkan-Mediterranean Transnational Network for Sustainable Hospitality

WP 3

Setting strategic goals for entrepreneurial learning in hospitality

WP 6
Pilot Learning for Better Skills

The implementation of these work packages and the activities incorporated therein will provide a number of deliverables, incl.:

  Regional Needs Assessment Report for hospitality SMEs` sustainability;

  Best practice database with sustainable development solutions;

  Regional Action Plan for encouraging the competitiveness of hospitality SMEs;

  Curricula and training materials for courses in support of the trainers, entrepreneurs and operators in the targeted sector and their relevant pilot testing;

  HELIX Transnational Network;