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„Macedonian-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce“, FYROM (PP5)

Formed in 2011, the “Macedonian-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce” (MBCC) is a non-profit business organization, whose main goal is to develop and strengthen the economic relations between the two neighboring countries – Bulgaria and FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia).

The MBCC is organized and operates for the general purpose of efficient management in market conditions, successful inclusion of the Macedonian and Bulgarian markets as well as for encouraging the entrepreneurship activity and technological transfer among its members in order to optimize their work and to improve the results of their business performance results

The MBCC specific goals are related to:
• Further development and mutual cooperation in the businesses between the FY Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria
• Promotion of trade, investment and economic cooperation and development between the two countries.
• Establish and maintain contacts between the business and the state authorities regarding the Macedonian-Bulgarian trade and business
• Improve legislation in order to simplify and increase Bulgarian business development in Macedonia and Macedonian in Bulgaria, align with European business practice and ethics.
• To be a forum for exchange of ideas between the businesses operating in the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Bulgaria
• Develop the liberal trade in FYROM and its further integration within the European Union.

In order to implement these goals, The Macedonian-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce (MBCC) organize number of international forums and exhibition-fairs, conduct presentations and provide information and consultations to its members. The MBCC implements variety of initiatives in support of its members and extends its strategical networking by including new target countries and fields.
More than 100 companies operating in diverse economic fields are members of MBCC and this numbers are growing.

In August, 2018, the Macedonian-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce decided to leave the HELIX partnership. Although the MBCC has withdrawn from an active participation in the project implementation, the umbrella organization still provides its unofficial support within the promotion of the project, its activities and key deliverables.

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