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TheUniversity of Shkodra, “Luigj Gurakuqi” is heir of the established traditions and high standards of the High Pedagogical Institute (HPI) – the first High Educational School after that of Tirana established in 1957 and turned into one of the most important institutions and the biggest centre of education, scientific research and culture of Northern Albania.

The High Pedagogical Institute’ status changed to University of Shkodra, “Luigj Gurakuqi” by the Ministers’ Council decree Nr 124, on 28.05.1991. Since then this University has undergone different changes and developments on different aspects to become one of the major institutions of higher education in the region, especially in technical and scientific fields.

The University of Shkodra (USH) is internationally recognized not only for its high-quality educational programmes and research achievements but also for its variety of inter-university and inter-disciplinary collaborations with many associates and collaborators all around the world.

A) the Faculty of Social Sciences has four departments: Linguistic, Literature, History and Geography and the Institute of Albanological Studies.

B) the Faculty of Natural Sciences`s departments are (Mathematics, Physics, Biology- Chemistry and Nursery and the Institute of Studies of Hydro-system of Shkodra Region.

C) the Faculty of Educational Sciences has 6 branches: Elementary School, Pre-elementary School, Psychology, Social work, Physical Education and Sport and Painting and Design.

D) Faculty of Economics hosts 3 branches: Administration- Business, Finance Accounting and Tourism.

E) Faculty of Law is represented by just 1 branch: Jurisprudence Branch.

F) the Faculty of Foreign Languages has four branches: English Studies, German Studies, Italian Studies and French Studies.

For its students the University provides opportunities for trans-national mobility for education and practice. Annually, USH is initiating and hosting forums and conferences in interest of its student and academic community but also of the Albanian society.

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